Welcome to pyexpander’s documentation!

pyexpander - a powerful turing complete macro processor

pyexpander is a macro processor that allows to embed python code in text files.

Some of the features are:

  • Variables like $(VAR) are replaced.
  • Valid python expressions like $(2+3/2) are evaluated.
  • Arbitrary python code like in $py(import math; math.pi) can be executed.
  • The functionality is available as a script and a python library.
  • The program is availiable for python version 2 and version 3.

See Introduction to pyexpander for more information.

Author:Goetz Pfeiffer (Goetz.Pfeiffer@helmholtz-berlin.de, goetzpf@googlemail.com)

Download and install

By using pip, installing pyexpander is a single line command. This and other installation methods are described in

Installing pyexpander

pyexpander at Bitbucket

You find the Bitbucket summary page for pyexpander at pyexpander at Bitbucket.

pyexpander at sourceforge (mirror)

You find the sourceforge summary page for pyexpander at pyexpander.

The source

You can browse the mercurial repository here:

repository at Bitbucket.

repository at Sourceforge.

or clone it with this command:


hg clone https://hg@bitbucket.org/goetzpf/pyexpander

Sourceforge (mirror):

hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/pyexpander/code pyexpander-code

You can then commit changes in your own repository copy.

If you plan to share these changes you can create a mercurial bundle and send it to my e-mail address.

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